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    Blotting Papers

    OBP Lingettes 100 Blotting Papers.

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    Dry Skin Moisturizing Base

    Base 30ml Dry Skin Moisturizing Base is a moisturizing emulsion designed for sensitive and dry skin. Nourishing formula enriched with Shea butter and plant extracts with healing properties, anti-desiccant and anti-inflammatory. The Dry Skin Moisturizing Base restores the skin hydrolipidic film and provides protection for sensitive skin.

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    Hydrating Body Milk

    LHC 100ml The Moisturizing Body Lotion softens and firms the skin. The combination of emollient oils, elements close the NMF of the skin and vegetable extracts provides long lasting hydration. The Moisturizing Body Lotion restores the hydrolipidic film of the skin. Immediate tightening effect.

  • Iridescent Moisturizing Base

    Base IR 30ml Iridescent moisturizing emulsion that provides excellent make-up stability. Formulated with mica powder, the Base irisée provides a luminous and radiant aspect to the skin.

  • Magic Primer

    Mixture of silicone resin and volatile silicone.Form a flexible film on the skin, excellent primer to fix pearl powders, star lights and glitter. Makes the eye shadows waterproof, resistant to tears, perspiration and friction.

  • Moisturizing Base

    Base L Oil free moisturizing emulsion, formulated with a vegetable complex. Provides an immediate lifting effect.

  • Oil Free Moisturizing Base

    Base O 30ml Oil Free Moisturizing Base offers protection for regular skin. Restores the skin's hydrolipidic film. Rosemary extracts act as antiseptic and tightens the skin's pores.

  • Oily Skin Moisturizing Base

    Base A 30ml Oily Skin Moisturizing Base designed for oily skin, the antishine base combines a vegetable complex to treat oily skin, contains micro powder particles that absorb sebum.

  • T Zone Gel

    Applied as a make-up base on the face's central part, the T-Zone Gel absorbs sebum and removes the shine. It is recommended as a make-up base for oily skin. The T-Zone Gel mattifies the skin, providing a very natural matte effect without overload. Ideal visual results for High Definition.

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