• Diluthin
    $9.00 $7.00

    Diluthin 10ml


    LADH Eyelashes Adhesive 10ml

  • 5 Eyeshadows Palette

    Eyeshadows formulated with silicone coated talc, the eyeshadow provides a long-lasting make-up, resistant to water, tears and perspiration. Intense colors, highly pigmented. Contains: 12.5gr

  • Cream Eyeliner
    $18.00 $4.00

    Dry Cake Eyeliner highly pigmented. Apply the Cake Eyeliner with a wet brush for an intense color effect. Apply the Cake Eyeliner with a dry brush for a smoky effect. Contains: 3gr

  • Gel Eyeliner

    Formulated with wax and silicone resin, the Gel Eyeliner provides an exceptional long lasting make-up, forming a flexible film on the skin. Water, tears, sweat and friction resistant. Can be applied and blended on eyelids before drying for smoky eyes effect. Quick drying and an intensified look. Contains: 4gr